In time, I hope to have inspiring talks, poems, scriptures, and multimedia content here on the theme of our common humanity. For now, I’m just starting with some multimedia links. There’s not a lot of content up yet, but I welcome your suggestions (sent to for uplifting artistic material.

The Kids Speak!

An inspiring children’s view about the illusion of disunity and the wisdom of oneness. Click here.

Ring the Bells

A great new video on peace sung by Melissa Ethridge and Salman Ahmad and presented by Search for Common Ground. Click here.

Not in Our Town

For an inspiring video on how the the Adams Unity Coalition in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  rallied to counter prejudice, click here.  Or, for more, check out the introductory video for the Not in Our Town initiative.

Unlock the Potential

A great video filmed in the U.S. and Africa that encourages us to see the world through hope and connection.


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