We face a daily media bombardment of conflict and contention—the wars, the failed states, the partisan politics. Academics, journalists, and pundits analyze conflict in all of its many dimensions and even peace is often discussed in the context of the absence of war. But, civilization is also built on cooperation. Collaboration is required to advance almost every human endeavor. Why, then, don’t we hear more about models that are working across the age-old divides of race, nation, culture, and religion? When can this diversity be a source of strength rather than conflict? And, can this information be more interesting and more accessible to broader audiences?

I have developed this website to try to answer these questions, to learn from what others have done well, and to be a source of inspiration in a conflict-centered world. At August 2010, this “seedling” of a website has been in the making for over a year, but I hope it will germinate, evolve, and grow. Of course, it can only be successful with your active participation. Please forward this URL to your networks, spread the word and, most of all, let me hear from you if you know of models to feature that meet the criteria outlined!

Zarrín T. Caldwell
Explorer and Webmaster

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